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Archive for 12, 2010

Eighth resettlement for Women Aware completed

The eighth resettlement for Women Aware was completed on December 4th…. the last one for 2010.  Many thanks to all who donated ‘wish list’ items for the families involved.  They were all so grateful for your caring and generosity in helping them begin their lives anew.  If you are interested in learning more about this very rewarding outreach program and think you’d like to participate, please speak with Stephanie Carr. Donations would also be welcome to cover the $8.00 monthly insurance fee for the use of our Lackland Self Storage unit.

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Youth bake sale was a success

Wow, the Bake Sale was a stupendous success.  Your generosity contributed $400 to the Mission Trip.  Thanks to all who baked, brought, exchanged and then bought the amazing array of home-baked good that were available last Sunday.  Thanks also to all the youth who showed up bleary eyed, and their parents, who set up, sold and cleaned up!  Enjoy your sweet treats.

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